VIDEO | ‘Dance The Pain Away’

we have updated the site with the premiered video (see previous post) ‘Dance The Pain Away’ out now on KISSKISS. if you want to see some more video’s from live performances, interviews and such head over via this link.

Written, produced, performed: Kissey
Mastered: Simon Francis
Dir/DP: Derfmania
Editor: Ken Koller
Producer/Art Dir: Danna Takako
Hair: Carmela Hernandez, Sal Salcedo
Stylist: Redgi Woods, Jorge Hueso
Creative Consultant/Wardrobe: Darla Jean Patterson
Location: MVT (LA)

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VIDEO PREMIERE | Watch ‘Dance The Pain Away’ first on

kissey_billboard_dance the pain away_kisskiss

the video for Kissey’s  latest single – ‘Dance The Pain Away’ (KISSKISS Records)  is being premiered on today.

“Kissey, the alias of singer/producer Christina Kim Ingrid Asplund is clear about one thing: “ I don’t write dance music, I write music to dance to,” she says. Her song “Dance The Pain Away” is both, even if the super sensual video doesn’t do much in the way of choreography. “

directed by Fred Germany, and edit by Ken Koller. click here to head over there to view this exclusive premiere, and read more.

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RELEASE | ‘Dance The Pain Away’ (single)

DTPA kissey dance the pain away

Kissey’s new single is now out via homebase KISSKISS records. ‘Dance The Pain Away’ is now available via any of the digital music stores worldwide. stream the tune via soundcloud underneath.

the song is written, produced and mixed by the brooklyn-based artist and mastered by mastering-engineer and colab partner extraordinaire Simon Francis (carl craig, bjork, primal scream).

” do not know your names, but we’re strangers the same // only you and i, the dancefloor never tells a lie “

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LIVE | This Friday in Stockholm @ MDT

kissey by bella clarke.jpg

Kissey will be performing this Friday (28th) at MDT (Moderna Dansteatern) in Stockholm at their opening party for this season ‘Makers Doing Tex’. free with RSVP ( find more information here.

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PRE-ORDER | ‘Dance The Pain Away’ ** out March 4th **

KISSKISS002_Kissey - Dance The Pain Away

Kissey’s new single ‘Dance The Pain Away’ will be released March 4th via the KISSKISS label that she co-owns with DJ Bella Boo and Danna Takako. it will be available digitally worldwide, you can listen to the tune in the player underneath and you can pre-order it now by clicking this link here.

written, performed and mixed by Kissey, mastered by Simon Francis

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LIVE PHOTO | KISSKISS label night in Stockholm

kissey_kisskiss_barbro_sthlm by lucas pena 6

we have now updated the photosection with some photos that artist Lucas Pena shot at the KISSKISS labelnight that went down at BARBRO in Stockholm this week. Kissey performed with DJ Bella Boo and dancer Dennis The Menace and also previewed the video for her upcoming single ‘Dance The Pain Away’ that will be released digitally on KISSKISS March 4th click here to view some more.

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072213 D 27_C

tomorrow night (wednesday night) join KISSKISS for a labelnight at Barbro in Stockholm. we will be previewing the video for the upcoming single ‘Dance The Pain Away’, Kissey will perform a little something and Bella will spin some. start time at 20.00/8pm and check this link for more info about the event. we are looking forward to seeing you there.

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VIDEO| TK Wonder – Van Gogh (Kissey Remix) Instrumental Soundtracking ‘Best Of Stockholm Fashion Week AW14’.

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 9.55.36 AM

hi kids,
head over to the fashion site freshnet to watch “The Best Of Stockholm Fashionweek AW2014” and simultaneously listen to the instrumental Kissey has written for the TK Wonder tune ‘Van Gogh’. click here to check it out. over and out for today.

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MOVIE| Director Wins Award At SUNDANCE For ‘Dear White People’.


dear darlings,

first of all… happy new years! hope you are brilliant. now, let us jump right in to it. we want to give a big shout out and say congratulations to the movie ‘Dear White People’. director Justin Simien won the Sundance Jury Prize, US Dramatic for “breaktrhough talent” last night. big up. we over here at the Kissey’s camp thank you and your crew very much for letting her songs ‘Forget’ and ‘Melting Pot’ be a part of your movie. tack tack

check the Dear White People website to watch the trailer, videos from the movie and read press.

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LIVE VIDEO| ‘Attraction’ @ Free Candy (Brooklyn)

attraction kissey


we have uploaded a video of the live version of ‘Attraction’ to youtube. filmed by Bryan Gentry at Sugar Rush’s night at Free Candy, Brooklyn. shout out to OP! on the 1&2s. more soon. BOOM!

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s/o style: Karolina Brock | makeup: Yuco Aoki | hair: Yuhi Kim |
shirt: Religion


LIVE PHOTO | House Of Sweden : Swedish Embassy of the US : 11.22 : Washington, DC

kissey house of sweden


good day/afternoon/morning to your wherever you in you day might be. we’ve just uploaded some footage to the site from the gig Kissey did friday in DC at the ‘House Of Sweden’ (Swedish Embassy of the US) with Marlene. click here to have a look. oxoxo


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LIVE VIDEO: ‘Love & Ecstasy’ with Javier Ninja : Baby’s All Right : New York

kissey babys all right javier ninja


tonight new york is giving us rain, and it’s a totally perfect evening to be one of those new york vampires that Kissey and her dancers are. we’ve found some live-video on youtube that someone snapped of one of her new tunes, that she performed at her ‘Baby’s All Right’ gig. Check it underneath to see how she and also wonderful vouger Javier Ninja (House Of Ninja) gets it in. more video soon. stay dry on the dancefloor.


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LIVE | Kissey To Perform Tonight In Washington (DC)


quick update. KISSKISS family keeps on moving, after a week full of photo shoots, rehearsals, and studio sessions,  Kissey and her dancers are heading towards the nations capital to perform at the sold out/rsvp closed event that ‘House Of Sweden’ (the swedish embassy of the united states) are throwing.  photos and bts soon.

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photo by: Ellinor Stigle

LIVE PHOTO | ‘Sweden Makes Music : Baby’s All Right : WBurg, New York


We have now uploaded photos shot by Sam Clarke from the ‘Sweden Makes Music’ shingding that Kissey performed at this past thursday. Sam also captured magical Javier Ninja, that together with Kissey and Karolina blessed the stage that night in williamsburg at ‘Baby’s All Right’. click here to  view. over and out.

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VIDEO | Behind The Scenes up on Odalisque Magazine : Baby’s All Right : WBurg : 11.14

nightime lovers,

Ms extended KISSKISS fam – Ellinor Stigle – captured some video footage at the ‘Sweden Makes Music’ event Thursday and created a behind the scene video that she posted up on her blog ‘What Counts Is The Wow Inside‘ hosted on Odaslique Magazine. here is the link to the post, and find the video underneath. x

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LIVE | NY : Kissey Shares The Bill With Axel Boman, Man Tear, VAZ & Marlene **TOMORROW/THURSDAY**


no sleep till we get there. if you missed the Kissey last week, you get a new chance tomorrow (thursday) in NY. she is part of the ‘Sweden Makes Music’ line up that is happening at the new Williamsburg hotspot Baby’s All Right. she will be performing alongside some brilliant swedish acts; Man Tear, Axel Boman, VAZ, Marlene – the event starts at 7pm goes to 11.30pm and you can come and join the party without any problemos and without paying the door (u actually couldn’t do that even if you wanted to) as long as you RSVP (use the email provided underneath).

facebook event


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PHOTO | From Sugar Rush : Free Candy : Brooklyn


head over to this sites photo section to check out the photos from Thursday’s event at Free Candy that Kissey performed at. be sure to catch the queen of darkness do her thing this Thursday at the ‘Sweden Makes Music’ event that is going down at ‘Baby’s All Right’ (6pm-23pm).


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VIDEO | Kissey In Audio-Technica Commerical.

dancefloor children,

Short and sweet today, a video says more than a thousand words. See Kissey in the new Audio-Technica commercial that is being aired in Japan right now.boom!

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LIVE | Kissey to perform in Brooklyn (NY) this Thursday.

dudes and dudettes,

the new single ‘Come Nightfall’ is going strong. remember you can still choose how you want to support Kissey and the KISSKISS crew by either purchasing the tune or downloading it for free. the lady herself will be performing her updated liveset at Free Candy galleri in Brooklyn this thursday, be sure to RSVP ( to roll through for free.

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NEW RELEASE | ‘Come Nightfall’ Out On Her New Founded Label KISSKISS : You Choose How You Want To Support :

kissey come-nightfall-cover

calling all night time lovers and vampires.

it’s here! Kissey has co-founded a label with Danna Takako and Dj Bella Boo  – KISSKISS – the label is going to be geared towards music you can dance to, so it’s not a dancemusic label, it’s a label for people who love to dance. first out is Kissey’s single ‘Come Nightfall’. listen to it in the stream underneath. you can choose how you want to support her and KISSKISS – either through buying the tune on a digital platform e.g. iTunes or you can download it for free buy clicking here. she says “no matter what way you choose to support us, me and my homeslices over here at KISSKISS will still love you and appreciate it. i wrote it for all my new york nightcat homies that love living on dancefloors after midnight. i do too”

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S/O to:

mastering by Simon Francais

photo by Ellinor Stigle

style by Karolina Brock

makeup by Yuco Aoki

hair by Tsukisawa Takayoshi

dress Nadia Tarr
jewelry Adina Mills