The McQueen, The Met & The Hype.

I have now idea why i didn’t learn my lesson last year, with the Tim Burton exhibit. But early Saturday morning i stood in line with Felicia and Laban to see the exhibit, one day before they were closing the show. We figured that the line moved pretty good. Actually, when i took the photo above, we where at the end of the line, and we had only been waiting outside for 1,5 hour… But as soon as they let us in… we realized that there was another line inside… that was 3 hours! so a total of 4,5 hours wait!

So no… we ended up not seeing it. What a fucking hype. I love McQueen’s stuff, he was amazing! i truly do think so… but that whole line felt like a grotesque-super-hype-pop-art-thing… you know, make your club look cooler with a huge line outdoors. Why didn’t they just hand out tickets to everyone, we could have walked around the Met and checked other stuff, and then come back… maybe i’m just frumpy because i didn’t get in. Probably.